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History of the Swimming Pools

15 mayo, 2019 Comments are off for this post

As we know «the Pools» are one of the biggest attractions and one of the first services we look for in a small luxury corporate boutique hotel such as Hotel Los Robles or in any other hotel.

However, have we ever wondered about the precedence and stories of the pools?

Well here we share interesting data where you can have a better idea of ​​the precedence of one of the most desired ways to cool off in the summer.

The word pool comes from the Latin piscis «fish» and was originally used to designate wells for freshwater or saltwater fish. It was also used to designate the water tanks connected to the aqueducts.

The first Christians used the word pool to designate the baptismal font. Indeed, before the invention of the purifiers, in the swimming pools or in the open air, fish were used to clean the water, since they ate the larvae of insects, and that’s where the name comes from.

In some countries, particularly Mexico, the word “Alberca” of Arabic origin is used, instead of swimming pool if it is a large pool for swimming. If it is a small shallow pool, usually for children, it is called a wading pool.

In other countries, such as Argentina, it is called “Alberca” or simply a swimming pool.

However, in Nicaragua, as every good Nicaraguan we call «Pikcinas»

Hotel Los Robles is a small luxury corporate hotel located in the heart of Managua, and it has a colonial design pool, jets of water expelled from a wall with tribal tiles and exuberant decoration. The pool has a length of 11 meters, 4 meters wide and 2 meters deep gradually.   

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